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A company’s signage becomes its corporate identity, making the brand recognizable and easy to distinguish for consumers. The right signage distinguishes us from other businesses and makes our business carry more weight. This article will discuss the importance of good signage and how to achieve it to meet your company’s branding objectives.

Why is good labeling important?

Signs offer increased visibility to reinforce the brand in the minds of consumers. It also plays a crucial role in the brand image while enhancing its aesthetic image. We could say that the right signage is the key to capture the attention of the target audience. It is essential to have your company’s corporate identity well defined and clear in order to transmit its philosophy and obtain better results. It is important to have a great variety to choose from an unlimited diversity of models and shapes for your vinyls or signs.

Clarity of the information on the labels

A clear and legible sign design allows consumers to quickly understand what a business, product or service is all about. Relevant information, such as the brand name or its main features, if presented in a clear way, will facilitate the purchase decision making process, making the consumer have your business as an option that stands out from the competition.

In addition, a well-designed sign conveys professionalism and care on the part of the brand. This helps to build consumer confidence, as it suggests that the company cares about offering quality products and strives to provide clear and accurate information.

Visual appeal and differentiation

The aesthetic and attractive design of a sign can capture the consumer’s attention among a multitude of options on the market. A well-chosen combination of colors, fonts and graphics can differentiate a product, making it more memorable and desirable. The relationship between a strong visual identity and consistent signage is critical to strengthening brand perception and recognition. Consistency in the design and presentation of the brand contributes significantly to its success and positioning in the market.

How can bad signage affect your business?

It is important to pay special attention to the details of the signs of each business, because through them we can receive a lot of information about the brand. If we focus on signage, we can clearly see that a lack of cohesion in signage can lead to misunderstandings and confusing situations.

A clear example is the signage at airports or shopping malls. In the first case, the objective of the signs is to make them as clear and easy to understand as possible, taking into account external factors such as the stress of the users in that space and the need for immediacy involved. On the other hand, in a shopping mall, the objective is that the user spends as much time as possible on the premises, with the aim of consuming more, so the design and placement of signage will be guided by other rules.

Professionalism and credibility

A custom made signage for your business and well designed, conveys professionalism and generates attention to detail. This influences the perception of the company by customers, projecting trust and credibility.

To achieve a correct signage there are several key elements that cannot be missing in your corporate signage:


It is the main element that identifies the company. Its design, color, typography and style should be kept consistent in all signage, marketing and communication materials. As the brand’s identifying element, the logo design must be unique and seek immediate identification and emotional connection with consumers.

Corporate colors on your signs

The specific color palette of the company is fundamental, for this reason, it is essential to be clear about the range of colors on which we are going to work in our sign designs. These colors are used in the logo and signage to create visual consistency and brand recognition.


The choice of fonts and text styles also contributes to the company’s identity. A unique or specific typography reinforces visual consistency. This should be taken into account when designing signs and different brand signage elements.

Importance in customer perception

Consistent corporate signage creates a positive impression on customers, conveying professionalism, trust and strength, and facilitates quick brand identification and distinguishes the brand from the competition, contributing to a complete consumer experience.

Adaptability and Evolution

While consistency is key, companies can adjust their signage over time to stay relevant and fresh without losing their core identity. Adapting corporate signage to different platforms and formats is also essential to maximize its effectiveness in different media and devices.

In conclusion, the right corporate signage is a valuable attribute for any company, as its visual consistency not only differentiates the company in a competitive environment, but also establishes a lasting connection with customers, being a fundamental pillar for its recognition, growth and long-term success. At Grafiks Estudio, we are professionals of integral signage for small and large businesses. We offer all kinds of solutions adapted to your needs, on a wide variety of supports and finishes. Do you have an idea in mind? Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals!