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Are you ready to go one step further in your company and transform your signage, but don’t know how? Or do you prefer to give a personal touch to your work vehicle, but no design suits you? Grafiks’ comprehensive projects manage to find exactly what you are looking for. At Grafiks we help you find the perfect design for your brand, and we accompany you in every step of the process, from the initial phase of presentation of proposals and ideas to the final assembly.

We help your company to implement visual and graphic messages based on your brand’s corporate identity and all your business needs. We develop integral signage projects in all types of spaces, both indoors and outdoors, with the most innovative technology and the most professional workers.

One of the main advantages of integrated projects is that during the whole process of creating the signage we work with the same criteria. These projects have some steps marked in the process to achieve the best result of the project:

Initial phase

In the initial phase of an integral signage project, it is necessary to analyze where the client wants to go, what is his objective and where he wants to focus on with respect to the brand and its concept.

We start with a personal advice, capturing and providing ideas, proposals and opinions so that we reach the client’s request in an impeccable way, thus achieving the final design of the project.


Grafiks has a professional graphic design department, which analyzes the ideas and proposals and manages to materialize them in the best way, thus achieving the final results are precisely those sought.

This team understands the importance of signage design, both in terms of visual communication and brand identity representation, and is committed to providing creative and functional solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

At Grafiks, we also have the option of creating a photomontage of the signage project in order to show the customer how it will look like before it is manufactured. This photomontage provides us and the customer with a certainty regarding the final result of the lettering.


The production phase of a complete signage project is where the design we have managed to create gradually becomes a reality. This phase involves a series of steps to carry out this project:

File preparation

It must be ensured that the design files are properly prepared and ready for production. With prior verification of the project by the client.

Material selection

Depending on the project specifications and design, the appropriate materials for the lettering should be selected. This may include vinyl, canvas, acrylic, metal, wood or other specific materials depending on project needs and installation conditions.

Printing and cutting of materials

If the project involves digital printing, the designs should be printed on the selected media using high quality printing equipment to ensure the best results.

Grafiks uses a very precise and fast cutting system that allows to obtain a great variety of shapes and texts for signage. We also use an optical alignment system that allows us to die-cut valuable pre-printed vinyl graphics with confidence and ease, creating irregular shapes and different dimensions.

Lamination and finishing

In some cases, especially when printed vinyls are used, a protective laminate layer is applied to protect the graphics from abrasion, UV and other damage. In addition, other finishes such as varnishes can be applied to highlight certain areas or to give a matte or glossy finish.


If the sign requires assembly of various components, such as individual letters or panels, this stage involves joining all the parts together precisely and ensuring that they are ready for installation.

This phase requires careful planning and selection of high quality materials. The execution must be precise, giving maximum attention to every detail to guarantee a final result that meets the client’s expectations and standards.

Grafiks collaborates with the environment in the use and recycling of the products used for the production and printing of each of its projects.


Once each of the pieces and elements of the project have been produced, it is time to implement and install them in the designated place. Una vez producidas cada una de las piezas y elementos del proyecto, llega el momento de implantarlas e instalarlas en el lugar designado. This phase includes the application of adhesive labels on walls, windows or vehicles.

After installation of the signage, final tests are performed to ensure that everything is correctly positioned and functioning as intended. Final adjustments are made if necessary, and any additional finishing, such as cleaning the surface or removing any residue from the installation, is completed.

Grafiks collaborates with the environment in the use and recycling of the products used for the production and printing of each of its projects.

We always accompany and inform the client of the entire process of the integral project, from the initial phase of presentation of proposals to the final assembly, giving the utmost importance to every detail and every opinion of the client. In addition, Grafiks adapts to your needs with 24/7 assembly service, we produce installations any day of the year.

Do not hesitate to choose Grafiks for your integral signage project for your company and brand. Trust us.