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A company, business or organization is continuously communicating. In this article we will divide brand communication into two main groups according to their typology: ephemeral communication and permanent communication.

Ephemeral communication

We know as ephemeral communication those communications that do not last over time, that is to say, that are sporadic. If we apply this concept at the corporate level, we could define them as those communications that are at specific moments, usually around a specific action. A clear example would be a sales and promotions campaign or Valentine’s Day. At such times we must convey a clear and impactful message to our customers, but in a simpler and sometimes more economical way.

At Grafiks we are experts in all types of graphic materials to communicate your messages, so we recommend the option of vinyl for these cases of specific communications.

Vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a derivative of plastic, which is flexible, durable and resistant. It is a very versatile material, which allows different designs, sizes, shapes and even infinite colors.

Advantages of vinyl wrapping

In addition, it has several advantages not offered by other materials. These include:

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Thanks to their composition, they are highly resistant to the passage of time, maintaining their shape and color. They are highly durable, even when exposed to sunlight or other weather conditions.
  • Being an adaptable material, it can be installed on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Great versatility. Vinyl designs give the option to create many designs.
  • This is an economical option with optimal results.

At Grafiks we have extensive experience in vinyl, always offering the best option based on our extensive work experience. We have different types of vinyl, to ensure you always get the best result.

We bring your ideas and dreams to reality. Thanks to Grafiks and your trust.